Tournament Information

Are you a serious golfer? Like really serious? So serious that you think you’re going to be on the PGA Tour? If so, DO NOT play in this tournament. At the McAllen Golf Classic, we are all about having fun while raising money for our charities and it just happens this FUNdraiser is on a golf course. We want everyone who plays in this tourney to have a great time, so we go out of our way to make sure we have great people, plenty of food and ice cold beverages, cool swag, nice scenery, and lots of laughs. So if you can take a round off from your PGA aspirations and let your hair down a little bit, sign up! If you are horrible at golf, definitely sign up! Oh, and if you’re thinking of stacking your team to win a prize, save yourself the time, send me an email and we’ll mail you a trophy. Nobody will get in the Hall of Fame by winning this event! But we will have prizes for Craziest Golf Attire, Longest Drive (kind of), Hole in Ones, plus Mulligans and other fun stuff too.